NEW ORLEANS - The story of one man's struggle with his own destiny and the hardest decision of his life is the winner of the 2013 Great Southeast Book Festival.

Rick Robinson's "Alligator Alley" (Publisher Page/Headline Books) is the story of James Conrad, who is spending his 50th birthday alone in South Florida. He decides to take a drive along the famed Alligator Alley into the depths of the Everglades, ostensibly in search of memories of his great uncle, who left his family to live on a Seminole Indian reservation.

In the course of that exploration, Conrad discovers his small town definition of success may be a ruse.

Robinson's deft storytelling and vivid imagineering of the region enchanted the judges and won him the grand prize. He and other winners were honored at a private reception March 23 in New Orleans.

Writ of Mandamus Wins International Book Awards

Author Rick Robinson's new book, Writ of Mandamus, will be released by publisher Headline Books at Book Expo America in June. Already it has won major book awards including Grand Prize and Best Fiction at the London Book Festival, Winner of Best Fiction Mystery/Thriller in the Indie Book Awards and Finalist award for Best Fiction over 80,000 words, and Finalist for Best Mystery/Suspense in the International Book Awards. Robinson's new novel weaves from Washington, D.C., to the countryside of Ireland, following Congressman Richard Thompson and the CIA as they chase Middle Eastern conflict and Kentucky horses. Robinson said a trip he took with his wife to the Emerald Isle to celebrate their 25th anniversary inspired this novel. Writ of Mandamus was named Grand Prize Winner at the London Book Festival in January.

Tucker Carlson, publisher of the Daily Caller says of Robinson's new book, "Here's a piece of important advice: Don't sit down to read this book without bringing along at least a sandwich, if not an entire meal. You could starve to death otherwise. Rick Robinson is that compelling."

"Intrigue, action, a little Guinness and the law... Rick Robinson is at the top of his game," said J.T. Ellison, bestselling author of A Deeper Darkness.

"Often a suspense series will run out of steam after a few books. This is not the case with Rick Robinson.s latest thriller, Writ of Mandamus. With this book Robinson hits his full stride as he takes story threads and characters from his previous award winning novels to weave a compelling tapestry of political intrigue told with the authority of a true Washington Insider. In the grand style of Clancy and Follett, if you.re a fan of this genre, this is a must read," said Rod Pennington, bestselling author of The Fourth Awakening.

"Its page-turning prose and intriguing plot makes it an instant classic in Robinson's series and promises to be optioned for other media," the London Book Festival wrote.

Writ of Mandamus is the fourth in Robinson's award-winning political thriller series. His previous title, Manifest Destiny has been optioned by producer Peter R.J. Deyell ("Road to Nowhere"). Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Quinn Redeker ("The Deer Hunter") is attached to write the screenplay.

Manifest Destiny was also named the 2010 Independent Book of the Year and was also Winner for Best Fiction at the Paris and New York Book Festivals. His first two novels, Sniper Bid and The Maximum Contribution, won 16 national awards including the Indie Excellence Finalist Award for Best Thriller, Indie Book Award Finalist, USA News Best Book Award Finalist and Runner-Up Best Novel Nashville Book Festival.

Along with his novels, Robinson also writes a political column for the Daily Caller. A Kindle-only collection of those columns titled Strange Bedfellow was released in December and opened No. 1 on Amazon's top seller's list for political humor.

Robinson is on book tour with Paradies Airport Shops and will be signing copies of his new in the Public Book Signing Area at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 6, at the Jacob Javitts Convention Center in New York City. During Book Expo America Rick will also be signing copies in the Jostens/Headline Book Booth (booth #2976).

Interview with Rick Robinson, January 23, 2012, Cincinnati Edition, Cincinnati's public radio stations 91.7 WVXU and 88.5 WMUB

Strange Bedfellow by Rick Robinson Hits #1 on Amazon
...collection of columns tops for Amazon's in political humor

Strange Bedfellow, a collection of columns by author Rick Robinson, hit #1 on Amazon.s list of political humor in its first weekend of release. The first collection of op-ed columns by award winning novelist, Rick Robinson, finds the conservative writer ranting on the political issues of the day. Using his 30 years in politics, Robinson offers unique and humorous insight into politics. Never at a loss for words or an opinion, Robinson.s work can be found in the Daily Caller, One New England, NKY Magazine and numerous other national publications.

"I was in awe to simply see my name on the same list as the likes of my friend P.J. O.Rourke and Bill Maher," Robinson said. To even be mentioned in the same breath as those guys is humbling.. Cathy Teets, president of Headline Books, publisher of Robinson's novels and other works stated, "Rick's accomplishments never surprise me and always make this publisher proud! Strange Bedfellow is a humorous look into questionable politics, bazaar events, and strange policies. To hit #1 within the first 24 hours is an amazing feat and one that we hope to repeat with the release of his newest novel in the spring, Writ of Mandamus. Robinson is a rare talent and we will see much more from him!" Portions of Strange Bedfellow can be found below.

Robinson on "Hanoi Jane" Fonda being kicked off the QVC Shopping Network:
It is amusing that the woman who once declared that she wanted America to move to a socialist system is now whining that the country's capitalist market is not working for her personally. She probably needs to rethink her outrage.

Robinson on the Occupy Wall Street Movement:
And, of course, what would a left-wing protest be without Michael Moore (other than several hundred pounds lighter). Moore showed up, and on cue, cried for the cameras . meaningless tears from a man that rolls around in his movie profits like a chunky Scrooge McDuck.

Robinson on visiting the Texas School Book Depository Museum at Dealy Plaza in Dallas Texas:
As I left I noticed that there was a sign on the front door of the museum warning patrons that guns were prohibited. If only Lee Harvey Oswald had used that door in 1963.

Robinson on a 12 Step program for political junkies:
Step 5 - Admit to God, to yourself and to another human being the exact nature of your wrongs

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I pretended to be sick one Sunday when I stayed home to watch Meet the Press. I mean give me a break, Padre - Joe Biden was on. You never know what the hell he.s going to say on live television." Two Hail Marys... three at the most.

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Manifest Destiny by Kentucky's Rick Robinson Named Top Indie Book for 2010

Listen to author and former Congressional Aide Rick Robinson's interview on CN|2 Politics as he puts the spotlight on staffers and tells of security issues in the wake of the Arizona shootings.

Watch it here:


Rick Robinson, a former congressional aide to Jim Bunning, said U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' staff member who was killed in last weekend's shooting in Tucson leaves a legacy of dedication and loyalty worthy of the "fraternity" of Capitol Hill aides.

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Manifest Destiny Wins Best Fiction at New York Book Festival

Terra Alta - Manifest Destiny, new novel by political thriller author Rick Robinson, takes two more national awards this week! A Win for Best Fiction in the prestigious New York Book Festival competition and an Honorable Mention at the Beach Book Festival continue the acclaim his newest novel has generated.

Also named Winner for Best Fiction at the Paris Book Festival, Finalist for Best Fiction Indie Next Generation Book Awards, Finalist for Best Thriller Indie Excellence Book Awards and Honorable Mention for Best Fiction at the San Francisco Book Festival.

Rick Robinson ("Manifest Destiny")
Local author Rick Robinson talks about his most recent work, "Manifest Destiny," as well as the upcoming Books by the Banks event (October 2010). More information available at www.booksbythebanks.org.

Of Liberty, Special Elections and Bluegrass Music . remembering Sen. Robert C. Byrd

All Right Magazine Interview June 6, 2010

Free download of the first chapter of Manifest Destiny now available in airports nationwide at Paradies Shops!

Manifest Destiny book trailer, watch it now!

Manifest Destiny, ISBN 978-0-929915-96-8, 304 pages, case binding, 6 x 9, Retail Price $24.95

While observing the Presidential election in Romania, a Congressional staffer is kidnaped by Communist rebels and held captive in a remote area of the Carpathian Mountains. The quest for his safe return takes Congressman Richard Thompson to a dark side of international politics which no one dares talk about in the hallowed halls of Congress. In trying to save the life of the young American, Thompson must do things he thought impossible for him to imagine, let alone execute.

Top selling author, Rick Robinson follows up his award winning novels The Maximum Contribution and Sniper Bid with a thrilling tale of political intrigue which will rock his readers to their very core. Read Manifest Destiny and you will understand why Robinson is quickly becoming known as the only author who puts "real politics" in his political thrillers. His stories are as real as today's headlines.