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America's Got Talent Winner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr: From Washing Cars to Hollywood Star by Landau Eugene Murphy Jr with Rick Robinson, 6 x 9, ISBN 9780938467670, 160 pages, Retail $19.95

In 2011, the nation watched an American Jazz singer from the coalfields of West Virginia rise to the top of a talent competition on NBC. The story of Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is more than a rags-to-riches story of some singer who won a reality show-it's a story of faith, hope, destiny, and dreams. To many people, Landau is the young man with dreadlocks who sings like Sinatra, but the story to be told is that of someone who is a hardworking man of enduring faith. When you're finished reading this book, you'll discover, along with having a great voice, Landau is a world-class human being.

What People Say
"America's Got Talent Winner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr is a truly inspirational and gripping memoir that reminds us all it is never too late to follow your dreams. Landau's incredible rags to riches story is a must read for everyone who fell in love with him on America's Got Talent." -Sean Daly, AGTNews.com

"As a West Virginian, it was a very proud and emotional moment to watch Landau win America's Got Talent; my family was pulling for him all the way from California. I'm so pleased that Landau is living his dream; a true American success story. I wish him continued success."-- NBA legend Jerry West

"Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. performances on America's Got Talent not only brought joy to West Virginians, but to people all over the nation. He is a true West Virginian and I'm proud of him." -West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin

"Everywhere Landau has performed, he's left the audience speechless with his charisma and singing style. It's a real honor to represent this incredibly talented, humble artist." -legendary talent agent Ken Dicamillo, VP William Morris Endeavor NYC

"It was my pleasure to meet and work with Landau on his debut album That's Life. Every time he steps up to the microphone the audiences go crazy for my friend's unique style. He knows what he wants say and he knows how to deliver it HIS WAY!!"-Steve Tyrell, Grammy award-winning producer and performer. Oversaw production of Landau's That's Life CD for Columbia Records

"Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is the complete package: talent, personality, character, class and humility, the ingredients for longevity. His sound is clean, pure and rich, but don't get it twisted . he's got R&B chops as well. He's very versed in his art and that should serve him well in years to come." -- Glenn Leonard, former lead singer of The Temptations

About the Author- Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.
In November 2010, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. and his wife Jennifer left their hometown of Logan, WV for New York City, where they stood for over twelve hours outside the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. They were among the thousands of people-young and old, singers, dancers, jugglers, mimes, and more - lined up to audition for NBC's America's Got Talent. It would take several more hours for Landau to finally get inside and sing a few bars, and his day grew even longer as he sang for one producer after another. Soon, he was the last one sitting in a huge rehearsal hall. "I knew that was a good sign," remembers Jennifer.

The rest as they say is history. After receiving standing ovations from judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan and Howie Mandel, singing a sizzling duet with the iconic Patti LaBelle, and crooning a rousing rendition of "My Way," Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. was named winner of America's Got Talent's sixth season on September 14, 2011. Just in time for Christmas 2011, Syco/Columbia Records released Landau's first album, "That's Life" and it debuted at number one on the Billboard jazz charts and the top 40 overall. Not only did his unique singing style make him stand out from all of his competition, Landau's humility, charm and confidence endeared him to the America's Got Talent judges, viewers, and audiences at his sold-out concert tour that launched in December 2011 and is still going strong. As part of his America's Got Talent prize, Landau realized a lifelong dream and headlined a show at the Colosseum Theater at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas-the legendary playground for Sinatra and his iconic Rat Pack. Other tour stops include the Apollo Theatre, the DTE Energy Center in Detroit with Motown's Temptations, headlining appearances at the West Virginia and California State Fair, a Super Bowl appearance, a televised performance at The Hollywood Christmas Parade and a string of sold out headlining shows across the USA (many supporting local charities). Major media appearances have included The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, The View, The Talk, The Wendy Williams Show, Fox and Friends, CNN, The Tom Joyner Show, Scott and Todd on WPLJ, Good Day LA, and many more. He's also honored his country by singing the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden, West Virginia University's Mountaineer Field, prior to a WVU/LSU matchup and at several other public events.

"My father was a coal miner and he really loves music; my mother is from a musical family, too. After my parents split up when I was 8, I moved with my mother and two brothers and two sisters to Detroit," Landau explains. "It was completely different from Logan; I had to get used to the streets. My focus wasn't on school." He dropped out in the 11th grade to put his energy into looking out for the safety of himself and his family. "Church and basketball were the only things that got me out of the house and kept me going. I played for a church league, which kept me off the streets and they would take us to events where we could eat. Basketball was my first love and I grew up playing basketball with some great ballplayers like NBA star Chris Webber. There were times when I'd make a shot or dunk on someone and I'd run back down the court with a smile on my face singing .Fly Me To The Moon,' everyone got a big kick out of it."

After moving back home to Logan in the late 1990's, Landau renewed a friendship with a childhood friend, Jennifer Carter. They started working together at a restaurant where she was a manager and they finally married in 2005. The proud husband and father of five says, "I love my kids and my wife with all my heart, more than anything, I want to make sure they don't have the same struggles I have. I want them to have more opportunities. I want them to be able to do what they want to do."

Despite going from washrags to riches, "I'm still happiest when I'm with my family," says Landau. "I like it when there is no stress and I'm doing what I want to do-which is to sing."

About the Author-Rick Robinson
Rick Robinson is the award-winning author of five novels and a columnist for several ezines including Tucker Carlson's, The Daily Caller. He is 2010 and 2013 Independent Author of the Year and 2011 International Independent Author of the Year with a win at the London Book Festival.

Rick's most recent novel, Alligator Alley, a departure from his previous four political thrillers, is a work of literary fiction about a man coming of age at age 50 set in the Florida Everglades. It was named Grand Prize Winner and Best Fiction at the Great Southwest Book Festival.

Writ of Mandamus was named Grand Prize Winner at the London Book Festival January 2012 and Rick Robinson carried off honors as International Independent Author of the Year. It was named Best Fiction at the Indie Book Awards.

Best selling author P.J. O'Rourke says that Rick Robinson "may be the only person on Earth who both understands the civics book chapter on .How a Bill Becomes a Law' and knows how to get good seats at the Kentucky Derby."

Robinson's third novel, Manifest Destiny, was named 2010 Independent Book of the Year and he was awarded 2010 Independent Author of the Year. Manifest Destiny was also a Winner at the Paris and New York Book Festivals along with Finalist Awards in the USA News Best Book Awards for Best Thriller/Adventure, Best Fiction Indie Book Awards, Best Thriller Indie Excellence Book Awards, Best Thriller International Book Awards, and Honorable Mentions at the San Francisco, Hollywood, London, and Beach Book Festivals. This title has also been optioned by film producer, Peter Dyell, and is headed for the big screen in the future.

Rick's first book, The Maximum Contribution, and his second novel, Sniper Bid, both won major book awards.

Rick Robinson has thirty years experience in politics and law, including a stint on Capitol Hill as Legislative Director/Chief Counsel to then-Congressman Jim Bunning (R-KY). He has been active in all levels of politics, from advising candidates on the national level to walking door-to-door in city council races. He ran for the United States Congress in 1998.

America's Got Talent Winner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr: From Washing Cars to Hollywood Star, 6 x 9, ISBN 9780938467670, 160 pages, Retail $19.95

ISBN 9780938467656, 5.5 x 8.5, 160 pages, paperback $16.95

Grand Prize Winner Great Southeast Book Festival
Winner Best Fiction Great Southeast Book Festival

Despite his material success and outward appearance of happiness, James Conrad feels empty inside. He is spending his 50th birthday alone in South Florida when he decides to take a drive along Alligator Alley into the depths of the Everglades. Searching for childhood memories of his great uncle.a man who left his family behind to live on a Seminole Indian reservation.James discovers his small town definition of success may all be a ruse. When given the chance to make a real change, James Conrad must make the hardest decision of his life.

Alligator Alley is the story of one man's struggle with his own destiny, but it could be the story of anyone facing change in his or her life. As Robinson states with simple eloquence, "This book asks a very basic question - if you could change, would you?"

What People Say

"Rick Robinson.s catalogue is filled with award-winning thrillers that demonstrate the keen intellect that has made the author a successful attorney and masterful political strategist. His latest offering, Alligator Alley, however, is an immensely satisfying departure from political intrigue that distinguishes itself as a novel written straight from the heart.

This is not to imply that Alligator Alley is anything less than smartly written. To the contrary, the novel crackles with the dialogue readers have come to expect from Robinson and the plot has enough twists to satisfy every reader. Rather this novel stands out from Robinson.s previous works as a very personal declaration for the author. Every line of Alligator Alley resonates with honesty as the author tells the story of a life not quite passed, blending sweet nostalgia, and the bitter tang of regret into a heady cocktail that everyone of a certain age has sampled. Some have savored. And a lucky few have hoisted to toast the adventures that still lay ahead.

With Alligator Alley, Robinson has achieved what every writer aspires to accomplish at least once in a career: He.s written a life.s work. In Alligator Alley, Robinson has created a very special novel that will not only satisfy current fans and certainly garner him still more well-deserved accolades, but will unquestionably stand the tests of time and earn a rightful place among other works that so poignantly and accurately capture the human condition. If Huckleberry Finn is the field book for boys eager to explore adolescence and The Catcher in the Rye is a manual for teens apprehensively approaching adulthood, then Robinson.s Alligator Alley is the definitive (and destined to be classic) guide for all of those who have navigated the dire straits of adulthood but still quest for something more."

Eyre Price, Author of Blues Highway Blues

"With Alligator Alley, award-winning author Rick Robinson breaks new ground and shows his continued growth as a master storyteller. This time he leaves the cloak and dagger in the closet and crafts an intimate and personal story filled with agony and angst and humor. Written in a first person style that resonates with a gritty honesty, Robinson captures a time and a place few have experienced but after reading this tale, will find impossible to forget."

Rod Pennington, Author of The Fourth Awakening

"Over the last few years, Rick Robinson has written some of the best political thrillers around. With ALLIGATOR ALLEY, he has shifted gears and delivered something different but every bit as compelling. This is a bittersweet, nostalgic, mystical, and at times quite funny look at the choices we make and the limits that squeeze us as we reach middle age. You won't be disappointed if you take this ride."

David Bell
Author The Hiding Place and Cemetery Girl

Alligator Alley, ISBN 9780938467656, 5.5 x 8.5, 160 pages, paperback $16.95

GRAND PRIZE WINNER London Book Festival Best Fiction

Congressman Richard Thompson's reelection campaign is sent into a tailspin when his opponent files a lawsuit asking the Court to order that Thompson live up to his campaign promises and vote against a pending federal spending bill. Thompson's efforts to dodge the issue thrust him into the middle of a nefarious business deal where arms dealers are using the Keeneland horse sales to illegally run F-14 Tomcat parts to the government of Iran. In a fast-paced story that travels from the storied horse farms of Kentucky to the green fields of Ireland, Thompson is forced to realize that more is at stake than simply a campaign. In the end, an unlikely hero steps forward to make his future path clear.

Writ of Mandamus, ISBN 9780938467359, 6 x 9, 304 pages, HC, Retail Price $24.95

Writ of Mandamus, ISBN 978-0938467427, 6 x 9, 304 pages, PB, Retail Price $19.95

While observing the Presidential election in Romania, a Congressional staffer is kidnaped by Communist rebels and held captive in a remote area of the Carpathian Mountains. The quest for his safe return takes Congressman Richard Thompson to a dark side of international politics which no one dares talk about in the hallowed halls of Congress. In trying to save the life of the young American, Thompson must do things he thought impossible for him to imagine, let alone execute.

Top selling author, Rick Robinson follows up his award winning novels The Maximum Contribution and Sniper Bid with a thrilling tale of political intrigue which will rock his readers to their very core. Read Manifest Destiny and you will understand why Robinson is quickly becoming known as the only author who puts .real politics. in his political thrillers. His stories are as real as today's headlines.

Manifest Destiny, ISBN 978-0-929915-96-8, 304 pages, case binding, 6 x 9, Retail Price $24.95
Manifest Destiny, ISBN 978-0-929915-35-7, 304 pages, PB, 6 x 9, Retail Price $19.95

  • Runner UP Nashville Book Festival Best General Fiction
  • Finalist Indie Book Awards for Best General Fiction
  • USA News Best Book Award Finalist for Best Thriller/Adventure
  • Honorable Mention New England Book Festival
  • Honorable Mention Hollywood Book Festivals
  • Pick on International Thriller Writers

    Freshman Congressman Richard Thompson is enjoying his new life on Capitol Hill when the death of a colleague thrusts him into the national spotlight on a major issue performance enhancing drugs in professional sports. As he presses the United States Congress for new standards on the abuse of steroids, someone wants him quieted. The only question is who.

    Congressman Richard Thompson learns that life on Capitol Hill is a balancing act as he tries to harmonize his personal life with his professional duties and his personal desires for government with the philosophical ideals which got him there.

    Sniper Bid, ISBN 978-0-929915-85-2, 224 pages, case binding, 6 x 9, Retail Price $24.95

    Sniper Bid, ISBN 978-0-929915-61-6, 224 pages, PB, 6 x 9, Retail Price $19.95

  • Award Winning Finalist Indie Book Awards for Best Political Novel
  • Honorable Mention New York Book Festival
  • Honorable Mention Hollywood Book Festival
  • Honorable Mention Nashville Book Festival

    In The Maximum Contribution, Rick Robinson has vividly captured the essence of the deals that make.or more than likely... break so many DC politicians. Do you want to understand Washington? Read this book..

    -- Rudy Maxa, former Washington Post investigative reporter.

    The Maximum Contribution, Rick Robinson, ISBN 0929915690, 224 pages, 6 x 9, hard cover, Retail Price $24.95